WP Automotive Supply Abbott Racing With Mobil 1 Lubricants

 1st Mar 2011

 Abbott Racing
RACING AHEAD: Abbott Racing driving ahead with Mobil 1 oil supplied by WP Automotive

WP Automotive, which is the official appointed Mobil 1 oil distributor for the South of England, has been supplying Essex-based Abbott Racing with the world’s leading synthetic motor oil for a decade now.

Since forming a partnership with Saab, Abbott Racing has competed in more than 200 races, winning championships and 24-hour races along the way ­ and always with engines run on Mobil1.

Ed’s team have raced in a variety of classic 900s, 9000s and new 900 and 9-3 models which were lubricated by Mobil 1 from WP Automotive, a trading division of UK Top 20 fuel and lubricants supplier WP Group.

An especially memorable victory was winning the British 24-hour endurance spectacular at Snetterton, Norfolk, breaking the record for the most laps (1,025) and covering 1,940 miles. A record never broken and which still stands today.

Over the last two decades Abbott Racing has specialised in race preparation of classic racing cars, whilst extending facilities at its 30,000 sq ft (2,787 sq m) high-tech Manningtree workshops to offer customers routine servicing and performance upgrades.

Keith Bartle of WP Automotive said: “During the whole of this period Abbott Racing has only used the Mobil 1 product, which is refined and race-honed for the ultimate in performance and engine protection.

“That, coupled with expert technical knowledge from WP Automotive’s specialist team, is a winning combination.

“Winning motorsport teams such as Abbott Racing trust Mobil 1 technology to meet the gruelling demands of driver and track, delivering performance and engine protection on every lap.”

Ed said: “We have never had an engine or turbo failure all the time we have used Mobil 1. We can buy cheaper oils, but Mobil 1 works.”

Further proof of the performance of Mobil 1 is demonstrated with the following example.

One of Abbott Racing’s customers purchased a Saab 9-5 in 1999. During the next eight years the car covered 240,000 miles, only receiving routine servicing using Mobil lubricants.

Ed bought the car when the owner decided he should buy a new one, and, after a few performance upgrades, gave the car to his staff to race at track days. It has now covered 250,000 miles on the original engine and is still going strong.

He said: “Mobil 1 is the best oil on the planet. I will give my customers nothing less.”

WP Automotive distributes more than eight million litres of Mobil products every year using WP Group’s dedicated and liveried fleet of vehicles, with 1.5m litres of Mobil products in stock at any time.

To find out how WP Automotive can help with your lubricating oil needs including Mobil 1, please contact Keith Bartle, WP Automotive Business Manager, on 0800 980 6172 or email WP Automotive

To find out more about Abbott Racing please visit www.abbottracing.com.

Notes For Editors

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